Monday, 18 April 2005

Conspiracy Theory!

Conspiracy Theory!

Yeah, Pundette has been off her game lately. With plans to be away from Gainesville for the summer becoming finalized (get exciting, Pundette's summer destination is an appropriate one), there has been little time for hashing out blog entries. But today! Pundette's favorite topic, SG corruption, has now extended to...the City Commission? WTF Mates? First of all, I think it looks very silly for grown elected municipal representatives to be hashing deals out with 22 year olds at the Swamp, but all that aside...silly is the operative word here. I see nothing wrong with Joe, lobbying for a cause he supports to a member of the city commission, makes it clear that backing a student-friendly issue will drawn student support. I fail to see the shadiness here. I heart Tony, and not because I was in cahoots with the Gator Party, or even because I was a part of some brainless mob of Greeks following the fight against temperance, but rather because he's fun and by god we need more of that. I will note however, something funny, and somewhat in line with the A-game reporting we got to see this election season...

The lists the 79 members of "Gators for the Re-Election of Tony Domenech". The campaign contact, Gordan, is a Phi Delt. 21 of the 79 members of the group are Phi Delts. But the number one group overlap? "Gators for the Gator Party", 37 overlapping members.


Sorry, I just still can't stop laughing about things long passed. That, or I can't stop laughing at how tied for second w/ Phi Delt is the group "UF Sorority Girls are SO Hot Right Now." *sigh*

WONKETTE: Last week, released their 25 Least Influential list. We love lists, really. And anything that highlights Pat Sajak? Gold.

SHOT: "After I ran, many students who would never have run for a position in Student Government or for Student Body president ran because I gave them the courage to do so," - Jamal Sowell, at the SG Banquet

CHASER:Lois: Peter, why would they make you president? Peter: Maybe it's because I can recite all 50 states in a quarter of a second - RARF! Lois: Peter, that was just a loud yelping noise.

Toodles, loves.

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