Friday, 13 May 2005

Moving to the DC

Well ladies and gents, it's official!! Swamp Pundette has set up her new residence for the summer in...WASHINGTON DC! The Mecca for political nerds and wonkettes alike, Pundette has nabbed herself a sweet internship on the Hill (at an undisclosed office...wouldn't want to incriminate the boss or anything, ha!) and will therefore be able to experience the sweet bliss of holding a copy of Roll Call in her little fingers each morning. Expect the blogging to be fast and furious, since life in the beltway is always with something...
Fun from the Hotline: "They satisfy me in ways a whore never could" -- Northwestern student Kyle Smith, on Chipotle burritos (Daily Northwestern).
Gannon: OOOOOOHhhh being in the 202 now means...the potential for Jeff Gannon sightings! Hoorah! Though, the only people who care about the story anymore are Rep. Louise Slaughter, and, well, myself (though in a totally different way), we thought it was interesting that he got into last night's big dinner shebang for DeLay. And where was my invite? I'm not a legitimate journalist either, you know.
Rock Me Like A Hurricane: Wow, Swamp Pundette had some fun times at her hurricane party, but no children were a result of any of the, um, festivities. Today, on Drudge, however, something came to the corner of the eye thing you know, the sex lives of Florida are now meterologically linked! Must have been all those women turned on at the sight of Jim Cantore. Rowr.

Alrighty, time to go take my Metro pass out for a spin. But don't worry, we have operatives back in GVille to fill in the gossip. And you can read the Alligator online, which is going to make it much easier for me to lampoon the madness of SG and such. For on the lookout with Joe Goldberg's executive agency appointments...Leave a Legacy, eh? You'd think once the media watchdogs cracked down on these things, the legacies would end...but no...oh no...break out the Greek Stalker guides (or Facebook) and get to researching ladies and gents, a storm's a brewin...

Toodles, loves.

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